Why are garage doors more expensive?
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Garage doors are more expensive due to their excessive usage and the high demand of house owners during Pandemic situations worldwide. Most homeowners have mainly focused on their home’s maintenance. In that regard, the use of garage doors increases daily to make the house more adorable and beautiful.

Cost Analysis of Average Garage Door:

The rough and average cost of the garage door installation is $1,256, and an average value between $690 and $1470, depending on the quality of the garage door. 

Even a garage door made for single cars ranges between $540 to $670. A two-car garage door an installed for between $800 to $1,500

Labour cost is also involved in it, which is around about $310 per unit, while a new garage door costs $300 to $1,100 approximate.

Factors that affect the Price of Garage Doors:

The following factors may affect the price of average garage doors which are listed:

  • Size of Door
  • Architectonics
  • Door Planning
  • Opener Type

Door Size:

One of the essential factors affecting the average garage door price is the door size. The one-car garage door is obviously less costly than two or three garage doors because of the lowest material cost and well. Moreover, standard sizes of garage doors are less expensive than others as they are available in excess, and you can buy them directly from the factory rather than placing online orders or going to purchase them.

Architectural Elements:

The most straightforward rule is if you add more architectural elements to your garage doors, the more will be the cost. If you buy a standard and simple garage door that can easily be readily available in a factory, you will find economic benefits. But If you want to purchase a custom design for your garage door, you can face many expenses In the form of accessories and labour costs. 

Door Planning:

This factor also plays a vital role in purchasing a garage door for your home. If you have to plan to install a single-faced steel garage door which costs around $370 means, it’s reasonable to purchase. And if you add more features like the thickness of steel, Insulation, and windows, your cost will obviously go up. In comparing wood and steel garage doors, wood garage doors are more expensive than steel garage doors because wood garage doors have some unique, adorable features and acquire more attention during installation.

Opener Type:

This factor also has an impact on the user’s choice. Several garage door openers are there, like Chain drive, roll-up opener for garage door, Belt drive opener for garage door, and side mount garage door opener. These openers have different price ranges; drive openers have the quietest, most innovative technology and the highest price among them. 

The key factor involved in these openers is noise. Roll-up openers are noisier than others, but economically they are cheaper. If you are native of America than you should visit garage doors supplier in USA