home renovations
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Home renovations can make our living spaces better. But not all changes add luxury to your home. Some can even make it worth less when you want to sell. Here are five types of home renovations that might make your home value go down.

  1. Too Personal

Imagine your home is like a blank canvas.  You paint it with unique patterns on the walls, strange designs on the floor, or unusual things sticking out from the ceiling; it becomes like an art piece – but not everyone likes the same art. When people want to buy a house, they want to imagine how they would put their furniture, colors, and style into it. If your home is too personal, with very different or unusual things, it can be hard for them to see it as their own. It’s like trying to wear someone else’s shoes – it might not feel right. So, it’s often better to keep the decorations simple and easy for everyone to like.

  1. Doing It Yourself (DIY)

Knowing exactly what you’re doing is excellent when you DIY or do it yourself.  Sometimes, with the right skills, your project might turn out better than it did. Imagine if you built a treehouse that needed to be more wobbly or made with not-so-strong wood. If you want to sell that treehouse, people might think it needs a more sturdy one made by a professional. The same goes for home projects. Some buyers might prefer something else to your work if you’re not a pro. They might be willing to pay less for your home. 

  1. Sacrificing utility for space

Imagine you have a magic wand that can make one room in your house bigger. It sounds cool, right? But what if you had to shrink the closet space to make that room bigger? Closets are like magical treasure chests for potential buyers because everyone loves having enough space to tidy their things. It might not be a good idea to sacrifice closet space for a larger room or window. Buyers might think, “Where will I put all my stuff?” that could make your home less appealing.

  1. Elaborate landscaping

Some homeowners spend much money on making their front yards look like a magazine cover, thinking it will make people want to buy their house. However, it only sometimes works that way. The money you spend might not come back to you when you sell, and some buyers might not like the fancy landscaping. It’s like putting toppings on a pizza that not everyone enjoys. So, before you turn your yard into a work of art, consider whether it will make your home more valuable.

  1. Bold colors

Bold, bright colors might be trendy in some places, but if your area prefers more neutral tones, it could be a problem. Imagine if you painted a room bright purple – it might be excellent for you, but not everyone likes purple walls. Neutral colours, like beige or light gray, are like the salt and pepper of home painting – they go well with everything. So, when in doubt, stick to neutral colours that more people will enjoy.


There are a few home renovations that cannot increase the value of your house. Consult the experts before you proceed with any significant endeavours. They will ensure you make choices that will bring benefits in the future.