septic tank
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If your home is not plugged into your municipal sewer line, your septic tank is crucial in helping ensure the smooth operation of your home’s plumbing and drainage system. No wonder many homeowners automatically think there’s something wrong with their septic tank if they detect certain common issues with their plumbing system. A lot of the times, these issues do not mean there are problems with your septic tank. Just because you see these signs, they don’t necessarily mean you need to upgrade your replace your septic tank. 

  1. Slow draining fixtures

If you notice that the water from your toilets, showers, or sinks drain slowly, don’t automatically think of having your septic tank pulled out and replaced. Slow drains are usually caused by blockages in the pipes from your home to your tank. Slow draining can also mean your septic tank is already full and can’t drain quickly enough into it surrounding soil. In that case, you only need to have your tank pumped.

  1. Nasty smells coming out of your plumbing

Wastewater can start to smell when the gas produced by the bacteria in the water bubbles up and gets concentrated in an area of your home’s plumbing. This gas then slowly leaks up and out in certain areas of your house. While bad odors from the plumbing system can indicate that your septic tank is in poor shape, unpleasant odors can also be caused by other issues like septic tank problems, blockages or clogging in your pipes or a full septic tank. Bad smells can also be caused by clogged or badly installed septic tank filters.

  1. Pooling water near your drain field 

Just because you see water collecting near the drain field of your septic tank, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is your tank’s fault. Water may be pooling because of blockage in the piping connected to your drain field. You might want to contact your plumbing company and have them take a look at how your pipes and the location of the water pooling.

  1. Gurgling Sounds Coming out your drains

Just because you hear weird noises from your plumbing system’s pipes, it doesn’t mean your septic tank needs to be replaced. Usually, trapped air in your home’s partially blocked or clogged drainage system can escape or bubble out and sometimes this produces a gurgling sound. This problem can be quickly solved through a plumbing inspection.

  1. You see lush green grass growing near your drain field

When you see lush green grass or an overgrowth of grass near your septic tank’s drain field, it is easy to be concerned. You might be under the impression that your tank’s fluid overflow is causing a lot of vegetation to grow and pretty soon the soil might not be able to handle your septic system’s flow. Don’t panic. If there’s an issue, it’s a drain field problem instead of a septic tank problem. Talk to your plumber to see how the drain field can be adjusted or worked on so your tank’s fluid levels are normalized.

Seeing the five signs above doesn’t have to cause you to worry about buying a new septic tank. Focus instead on what’s causing the signs above. Chances are you don’t have to get your septic tank replaced.