in-store Marketing
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As competition in the retail sector grows tougher, improving customers’ experience in the store has become essential. Online shopping has given consumers the choice of buying almost anything from the comfort of their homes. Staying competitive means giving people a reason to leave their houses and come to your store to buy stuff. This blog shares a few suggestions on effective in-store marketing in Toronto. 

Create an online presence

One way to get customers to come to your store is to have a strong presence on the Internet. The growing competition in the retail industry results mainly from online shopping. These days, many people will first Google a store or product before going out. People will feel more inclined to visit your shop if they see you online. Especially if your site and product list are attractive. The chances of them coming to you increase if you run promotional sales. Even if you don’t have a site, Internet or social media ads are good enough for this purpose. But a social media page or website has been proven highly effective. 

Improve your store sales team

The in-store sales team plays a vital role in creating the customers’ experience in your shop. Therefore, hiring the right staff and ensuring proper training is of utmost importance. You want a team that is friendly and has great people skills. Not just a store salesperson. But people who can connect with customers and give them an unforgettable store experience. A proper interview screening and training enable hiring the right skills for the role. This is essential to your store’s growth. 

Include hands-on experience 

Are your products just lying on the shelf out of reach? Or have you placed a “touch and pay” sign to discourage hands-on experience? Depending on the type of product, this might be working against you. Including hands-on experience increases store experience and the chance of a conversion. Especially if the product feels good to the touch. In these covid times, this can be tough. But finding ways to let customers experience the product will benefit you. You can achieve this through promotional activities, samples, or demos.

Let your online store conform with the physical one

If you have an eCommerce website, ensure it is consistent with the physical store. Let both works together. For example, people should be able to order online and pick it up in person. Customers should be able to shop easily, whether online or in-store. People should be able to see available store items before they come to you. These all contribute to a great customer experience and boost in-store marketing. 

Final remark

A retail store must engage in in-store marketing to remain competitive. The goal is to get customers to come to you and give them the best experience for repeat visits. A retail store must devise new strategies to adapt to the times. A good marketing agency can assist with improving customer store experience and staying ahead of the competition.