Facts about Flowers
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Flowers are enthralling things. When you hear flower, you think of beauty, gifts, lovely fragrances, or colors. Not only are they useful for beautifying our homes and gardens, but they have also served as medicine for some illnesses in ancient times. Some are even used for religious purposes. Others carry historical meaning. There are many fascinating and interesting facts about flowers. Knowing some will cause you to smile whenever you engage in the services of flower delivery in Mississauga. Dive into the world of flowers and discover some fascinating things that will leave you enthralled.

1 – Tulips were worth more than gold

Did you know that some centuries ago in Holland, tulips were more valuable than gold? The flower is used to represent immortality, love, and life. The craze for the flower occurred in the 1630s, resulting in its value going over the roof. Tulips became so expensive at the time that their price was equivalent to a beautifully-furnished house in Amsterdam. 

2 – Roses are related to apples, cherries, raspberries, plums, and almond

Roses are one of the most popular flowers for beautiful and happy occasions. Not only do they have thousands of beautiful variants, but they are also related to some of our favorite fruits. Apart from raspberries, plum, cherries, and others mentioned above, roses are also cousins of peaches, nectarines, and pears.

3 – Chrysanthemums are a symbol of death in some cultures

In Malta, Chrysanthemums are considered bad luck flowers. They are commonly used in funerals in Malta and some parts of Asia. White chrysanthemums symbolize loss and grieving in Korea, China, and Japan. However, the flower represents good cheer and positivity in many parts of America.

4 – The largest flower in the world smells like rotten flesh

The Titan Arum, also called the corpse flower, can grow as tall as ten feet. The flower can weigh up to 24 pounds and grow as wide as three feet. Besides its enormous size, it is also known for its terrible smell, which led to its being nicknamed the “corpse flower.”

5 – Sunflowers can move their heads

Sunflowers can move their heads from side to side. And not as a result of the wind. Sunflowers rotate their heads to follow the sun’s direction as it moves from east to west. Throughout the day, sunflowers move their heads following the sun’s movement.

In addition, flowers carry meaningful and fascinating symbolism in different cultures. For example:

  • Ancient Egyptians considered the lotus a sacred flower. They associated it with eternal life and resurrection because of its resilient nature.
  • Dandelions are said to be symbols of the sun, moon, and stars.
  • According to Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes purity in the spirit, mind, and body.


When next you walk past a flower bouquet or garden, stop and consider the flowers. One may have a great story behind it. Another may have a fascinating fact that is worth knowing. Flowers are incredible things, and their stories are interesting and enjoyable.