Criminal Lawyer
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Anyone accused of a crime reserves the right to call an attorney, but a common misconception is that you needn’t call one if you’re innocent.

The reality of our world is that the criminal justice system relies heavily on factual data to determine if someone is guilty of a crime. And the trouble is, sometimes it results in the innocent being incarcerated for a crime they did not commit.

If you’ve been arrested despite your innocence, you can significantly lower your chances of a guilty verdict by enlisting the help of a criminal lawyer. So, let’s explore the legal world and see why the innocent may need to hire a Toronto criminal lawyer.

Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defence Lawyer Even If You’re Innocent

1. Protection Of Your Rights Offered By The Constitution

As per Section 11 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the accused is well within their rights to:

  • A fair and public trial
  • Be provided with information on what they are charged with
  • Be presumed that they are innocent until proven otherwise
  • A reasonable bail
  • Not testify against themself
  • Appear in front of a jury if they are punished with five years of imprisonment or more

A criminal defence lawyer protects these rights and ensures that the prosecution treats them fairly.

2. Attorneys Build An Effective Legal Defence

No matter the charges pressed on the accused, a criminal defence lawyer will build an effective defence strategy to convince a jury to acquit them.

Common defence strategies proposed by criminal lawyers are:

  • Bringing proof of the accused’s absence at the crime scene
  • Providing proof of a false accusation
  • Building arguments for lack of evidence against the accused

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter, one that will leave a lasting impact on the life of the accused. An experienced criminal lawyer may have handled similar cases before and will provide the accused with the best legal defence within the bounds of the law.

3. Criminal Defence Lawyers Are Not For Criminals

The thought that hiring a lawyer proves the accused’s guilt is wrong and often ends badly for them. Without the legal guidance of a seasoned criminal defence attorney, even the most innocent may end up imprisoned. It is the harsh reality of the world we live in.


Criminal lawyers are an integral part of the justice system and this guide may have helped you understand why. Without a criminal lawyer, the judicial process becomes one-sided in the prosecution’s favour. The chances of acquittal become extremely low for the accused, leading to a significant negative impact on their life.

No matter how minimal the nature of charges pressed against you is, you must enlist the services of a criminal defence lawyer. It is within your rights as the accused, and you should exercise them to your advantage.

So, seek consultation from a reputed criminal defence firm today and protect your legal rights.